PUPI Fiberglass Crossarms

PUPI Fiberglass Tangents and Deadend Assemblies

Uniform, Predictable Strength
PUPI crossarms are well known in the industry for their uniform and predictable strength, resistance to damage, and outstanding long term reliability.

Patented Internal Fiberglass Inserts for Crush Resistance
The new PUPI crossarms are available with unique patent-pending internal fiberglass inserts at bolt attachment holes to give far better crush resistance than competing fiberglass crossarms.

Foam Filled, Field Drillable
The new PUPI crossarms are completely filled with a uniform and durable polymer foam. PUPI crossarms can be field drilled as necessary. PUPI prefers to provide products that are factory drilled and ready to install as they are shipped from our factory.

Impact Resistant Endcaps
With our crush and impact resistant endcap design, PUPI offers the best possible seal against moisture penetration and field damage.

Three Level Weathering Protection and Long Term Reliability
PUPI fiberglass crossarms now have over eight years of successful testing and service in a wide variety of field exposures. Our three-fold protection from environmental degradation includes:

  1. Ultraviolet inhibitor throughout the base resin system.
  2. Fiberglass beam surface is UV resistant veil mat.
  3. Fiberglass parts are coated with an exceptionally durable coating with UV inhibitor using patented Geotek in-line coating process.

Welded steel, hot-dip galvanized mounts
With our crossarms, we offer welded steel, hot-dip galvanized mounts for braceless installation of tangents and deadends, mounts with many years of successful field performance. We also offer three brace designs: standard, heavy duty and new extra-heavy for braced crossarms.


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