Emergency Response

At  Lakeport Power Ltd., service is our biggest strength.

We recognize that emergencies happen to electrical systems that require immediate response.

We have experience is supplying our utility customers in the aftermath of Hurricanes, Tornados, Micro-Bursts, Ice Storms, Floods, Snow Storms -even Tsunami.

Lakeport Power has developed an integrated supply system set up with our manufacturers, distributors and even competitors to bring you the best scenario of supply. Our ties lead beyond materials to include shipping connections for overland freight, ocean, air and courier services.

As we have learned from experience in the wake of natural disaster - getting the workers personal lives in order is key to getting them to come to work. Providing foreign relief workers as comfortable a working environment is vital to timely restoration of power.

We have pro-actively supplied Meal ration packs similar to those used by the military to customers so relief workers have food when the infrastructure in the area is down. We have a partnership in a bottled water company as well that can offer pure natural Canadian spring water when and where it is needed. Lakeport has also secured supply of tarpoulans to protect workers homes and businesses during the restoration of the utility services.

Lakeport realised many years ago our long term success will be built on a relationship of trust and a demonstration of care and compassion for our customers and in the end their customers.

At the end of the day - Lakeport Power Ltd. offers its clients way more than just a commodity ... we value our relationships and service your needs to the best of our ability. Whether the sun is shining or not, we invite you to experience the Lakeport difference.

Gordon Hunter, President


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