Your cost-efficient source for purchase and sale of all transmission and distribution materials.

Lakeport Power. is your cost-effective source for electrical utility products. Whether it is line hardware, insulators, connectors, wire and cable, poles or virtually any overhead or underground product we will make every effort to meet your specifications.

We can offer new low loss designed transformers, the latest in polymer metal oxide arresters, silicone insulators, automated switches or the latest safety products. Lakeport wants to be your partner in providing cost effective reliable power to your customers and we are willing to go the extra mile to do it.

We regularly purchase for our inventory a wide variety of transmission and distribution products. Whether you are looking to buy or sell electrical utility products, Lakeport Power is your one stop shop.

Lakeport Power prides itself for its customers these unique or difficult to find products.

Through our own inventory or by using our vast network of utilities, manufacturers and distributors we will try to get you what you need. Lakeport Power can save you time and money.

Lakeport Power also can provide all types of distribution products from the world's leading manufacturers.

With over 10 million dollars of inventory available, we can supply virtually any requirement. Local agreements of course are honored.

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