Shakespeare Composite Poles

Lakeport Power Ltd. is proud to announce the distribution of Shakespeare Composite Structures’ Composite Tuff-Pole®  utility poles to Ontario, Canada and The Caribbean!

Composite Tuff-Poles®

  • Lightweight – one-third the weight of wood
  • Non-splintering
  • Environmentally safe–no chemical preservatives
  • Impervious to insects, woodpeckers, and weather
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy installation: no special equipment needed
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances

Shakespeare Composite Structures’ next-generation Tuff-Pole® composite poles are stronger, lighter, and longer lasting. This is the result of the newest technologies in fiberglass and resin systems, along with advanced manufacturing process controls. To achieve the Tuff-Pole® formula, Shakespeare Composite Structures has engineered new resin formulations and fiberglass configurations, applied new automated process controls, and added advanced UV
inhibitors and coatings for long life in adverse weather

Composite Tuff-Poles® stay strong. Fiberglass reinforced composite poles don’t rot, rust, corrode, splinter, or decay. Insects and wildlife won’t eat them, and woodpeckers won’t make holes in them. The Tuff-pole® will maintain its strength throughout its long life.
Manufacturing tolerances for composite Tuff-Pole® transmission and distribution poles are tight, and stay that way. That means the strength that you install remains constant. Composite poles are ideal for installations where climate, wildlife, and other environmental issues tear into wood poles.

Composite poles are also very light in weight, making it much easier and simpler to transport them to remote destinations. Airlifting, for example, requires lighter, less costly aircraft, and many installations in backyards or other planted areas can be achieved without heavy equipment–so the lawn isn’t torn up by construction traffic. Available in a choice of colors, the hollow Tuff-Poles® make an attractive, unobtrusive site possible. Composite poles are installed just like any other pole. They can be field drilled or predrilled at the factory for installation of crossarms, brackets, braces, or other attachments. You can also order climbing steps, if needed.

Embedded good looks

From the beginning of the pole manufacturing process, color pigment and UV inhibitors are formulated into the resin itself, so color and longevity go all the way through.  An array of standard colors is available.

Composite Commincation Poles

Lakeport Power has sucessfully provided custom engineered composite poles as high as 130 feet. These poles provide a much lighter weight, cost effective, long lasting solution to wireless communication servive providers. Working closely with customer we can engineer custom heights and solutions to meet todays challenges.

Whether a one piece pole up to 50 feet or sectional to 130 feet, Lakeport together with Shakespeare Composite Structures vast experience we are here to get your project "off the ground".





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