Street Lighting LED
Roadway Lighting

Energy Efficient Program

Lakeport Power is a leading Electrical Utility Distributor offering street lighting to municipalities And the contractors that service them.

We can provide all aspects needed for any roadway application.

For more information, we encourage you to download the following brochures:
Lakeport Power Roadway Lighting
LED Shoebox Light

Decorative Sreet Lighting - Ideal for Municipality Office, Town parks and high traffic areas. We also sell aluminum, steel and concreate poles. Count on Lakeport Power for all your street lighting needs.

Street Light Intelligence
Lakeport Power works with a solution that individualizes control of lighting fixtures and allows a one-by-one management of electrical loads, wirelessly.

LED Roadway Luminaire
Lakeport Power can provide a turn-key change over to energy saving LED and can demonstrate for you the cost savings in energy, maintenance and carbon reduction.


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